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Settlers of Catan board game creator Klaus Teuber dies at age 70

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Klaus Teuber passed away on April 1st due to a "brief and severe illness".

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A "brief and severe illness" was the cause of Klaus Teuber passing on April 1st. Teuber was responsible for designing the classic board game Settlers of Catan, released back in 1995.

A statement from Catan Studios informed Catan fans on social media that Klaus Teuber had passed away on April 1st due to a "brief and severe illness". The statement went on to say, "At this time, the Teuber family respectfully request the chance to bid farewell to their loved one in private and to be allowed the space they need to grieve".


Settlers of Catan is reportedly one of the best board games of the century. Teuber was responsible for the original creation and kept on adding to the game as late as 2023, working on expansions of the game. He won the Spiele des Jahres award for board games not only for his work on Catan, but also Hoity Toity and Barbarossa.

Since the release in 1995, Catan has had spin-offs, such as Starfarers of Catan, Catan Junior, and even Star Trek Catan, among other famous collabs such as Game of Thrones. There have been card games, fictional novels and many other installments based on the original board game made by Teuber.

“Teuber was a legendary figure in the board gaming industry and his contributions to the genre have been immeasurable”, Catan Studio added in a press release. “He not only invented a unique entertainment universe with Catan, but also established and shaped the genre of the ‘German Game’.”

The full official statement was shared on social media as well:

"It is with profound sadness that we at Catan Studio acknowledge the passing of Klaus Teuber, legendary game designer and creator of the beloved board game Catan”

“Our hearts go out to Klaus’ family during this incredibly difficult time.”

“While Klaus’ contributions to the board gaming industry are immeasurable, we will remember him most as a kind and selfless human being, an inspirational leader, and most importantly, as a friend”.

“His legacy will continue to inspire and shape the gaming community for years to come.”

"We encourage you to honour Klaus’ memory by being kind to one another, pursuing your creative passions fearlessly, and enjoying a game with your loved ones”.

"Klaus’ impact on the world of gaming will never be forgotten.”

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