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Silver Coin: Age of Monster Hunters - A Euro with elements of RPG

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Are you ready for the Monster Hunters Era?

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If you are looking for an adventure board game, a euro game with RPG elements, Silver Coin: Age of Monster Hunters is a game made for you! You will travel through the 6 Realms, eliminating creatures, really terrible things, and consequently gaining more skills, knowledge, items... but, actually, you do it to get something, by the way, for just this: silver coins.

This is the background of Silver Coin! A board game that can be played solo, in cooperative or competitive mode. This makes Silver Coin a very interesting game because imagine the possibilities when playing in different modes the possibilities of playing other times increases a lot! Even more so when you get things in return and can further explore your character's potential, or eliminate bigger and bigger monsters. It sure will be very exciting!


It's a board game that has many mechanics involved, but it makes the game great: auction, pick up cards, hand management, hidden victory points, move points, test your luck, simultaneous action selection, phase order variable, variable powers, victory points as a resource, worker allocation, among other mechanics. Did you get scared? Did you find all this a mess?

So calm down, everything fits perfectly and makes sense during the game. It can be played from 1 to 5 players, recommended from 14 years old where the objective is, alone, collaboratively or competitively, to get more victory points through coins.

Silver Coin is a Lan Krajnčič board game that will be crowdfunded in 2022 via Kick Starter. Marko Ilić is the maker of the art of the game, he studied at the Slovenian Multimedia Academy and Institute. The expectation around Silver Coin is because it is a Euro, characterized by resource management, and the looks like RPG, which is on the rise and in Silver Coin is evident in the improvements that the characters achieve, allowing players to extract even more of your character, being able to adventure even more, this is the purpose of the game.

The Game

Basically, you will travel around the map searching for quests to kill monsters that are bothering people in the 6 Kingdoms. But is that it? That simple? Of course not! Silver Coin reserves its best during the game. You can get knowledge throughout the game, the number of monsters per location is also variable, so the employment contracts per location are variable, but when you get a contract, a job, a mission, what's left is get ready for battle. After finishing this contract, that is, finishing the battle, it's time for the reward, which comes in different resources and coins.

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The game's background is Atosia, with its 6 Kingdoms very well represented on the game board. The context of the game is that the world has survived a great calamity, the Ashgar plague. In the 80 years since the plague, the continent has seen the emergence of terrible creatures, nightmares that haunt the villages, stain the forests with blood and devour the innocents. Terrifying? No! Exciting! And you are what this land needed most; but realize that you are not their savior. You, and others like you, do this purely for work, in exchange for something, mostly coins.

The "Euro" features of this game already stand out in the beginning. With your individual board, you have to manage your experience, actions, health, strength, antidotes and missions. You notice that the RPG style kicks in when you realize that it's all actually an adventure where you travel through the 6 Realms, accepting quests that, if successful, will reward you with coins. To successfully face all challenges, you will need to learn some magic, gather knowledge, gain skills and equip yourself with items that will help you on your journey. Board Game that looks like a Euro and RPG together, it could only be good!


Emotion and fun are present from the beginning of the game, where luck dictates the rules when choosing the initial characters. Using luck? Yea!

But look, there's now the auction to the best characters. Now the thing starts to heat up. So, I'll spend it all to get the best character! Take it easy, my young Padawan! There are more auctions in the game. The best thing is to manage your resources, this may be missed later on.

And the following auctions are the same, however now they are for known locations and realms, as well as quests. Notice that managing your resources is something serious in Silver Coin. By the way, your starting location is what is on your mission card, which you took in the auction, that is, the action is beginning! And there's one more thing! Your character receives magic cards according to his magic level and strength. Notice that there is a possibility of improvement in these aspects.

The auction only takes place at the beginning of the game, so it is necessary to be insightful at the beginning because from now on, it's about fighting for your missions, improving your talents and chasing more work (missions) to get more coins. Ok! But is it about traveling, killing and earning rewards, that's all? Of course not! Now the mood begins.

Game Differentials

In Silver Age you play in different seasons, in different months, and that, my friends, brings together different climates, which will probably change your plans during the game. What's more, the game takes place in 2 years, which means that randomness will take over the table, ensuring that every game will be different; I warned you about the possibility of playing again! Oh, and beware, different climates can affect your character's health. Silver Age surprises!

I still haven't talked about the ways to travel: by land, obviously, but there's also going by sea, by hidden paths, and you will be surprised to find out that... by teleport. Yea! Some characters have this advantage. Remembering that the weather interferes with the speed of these trips.

Another thing that stands out about Silver Age is that the time-of-day cycle also impacts the game. It's fantastic! There are 3 periods: day, night and full moon night. But how does this impact the game? Well, in many things, I will name a few. Some monsters receive bonus depending on the time of day they fight, there are potions that only work at night, others during the day, anyway, this greatly impacts the whole game; It's obvious that he stands out more in the fights, but it impacts a lot on the final result, that's why the strategy is present at all times.

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Well, but how to face a monster? It's simple, just have the mission card in hand, be in the right place, and especially, for your own good, at the right time! After that, just face the beast! Everything at this time makes a difference, weather conditions, your strength, magic, time of day when combat takes place, potions properly drunk at the appropriate times, and so on. It's really cool to consider all these variables, it brings more reality to the game.


Remember I said there is a need to manage everything? Well, there are places on the map to learn spells, get more knowledge, all this for your character to improve during the game, gaining more experience. Ah, still about facing the monsters, obviously your character can die, so choose the time well and be prepared. But if all goes well, it's time to get the reward that comes in coins, reputation and experience, after all, you've defeated a monster! Now you must leave for another location, on another mission!

End of game and score

The game takes place for 2 years. When all players complete their turns in the last month of the 2nd year, points count begins. Be careful at this time because you will have your coins in hand, but if you have damage on your character sheet, you lose coins, and there are not a few...if you have any poison tokens on your character token, you lose more coins. So, my friend, take care from start to finish!

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The winner is the player with the most coins at the end of the game. In case of a tie, the winner is decided by whoever has the highest reputation. If the tie persists, the player who is in the highest position in the turn order wins.

This is Silver Coin: Age of Monster Hunters, a game full of strategy, adventures and a lot of resource management, in which your character can evolve, improve, learn new things and use it to your advantage. I recommend funding Silver Coin: Age of Monster Hunters on Kick Starter! Follow Silver Coin: Age of Monster Hunters through the websitelink outside website or Facebooklink outside website.