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Colt SUPER Express review: Chaotic, quick and fun!

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A dynamic party game, full of interactions and about a train assault? That's Colt!

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For fans of fast and fun games to play with your friends or with your family, "Colt SUPER Express" is a welcome surprise from the publisher Meeple Br this end of semester.

Very dynamic and as random as a season of Rick and Morty, this game has everything to appeal to beginners and experienced players.

The game was created by Christophe Raimbault and Cedric Lefebvre, both without other titles released in Brazil, have as their flagship the very award-winning Colt Express.

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How does the game work?

Unlike its more pumped predecessor, Colt SUPER Express is all played with cards, from the actions of the characters, who each have their own deck, even the train cars that are also represented by cards, placed in sequence on the board, starting from the locomotive to the last car.

In the game, players are thieves who broke into a train and are trying to get away with stealing everything they can. However, the differences between them can make everything more difficult, so you're free to shoot your friend in front of you, release the last car of the train to eliminate someone from the game and even go back in time to gain advantages.

Before any thieves come in and there are still stock, we recommend you acquire the game from Noble Knightlink outside website. You can have the "BIG" version or the "normal" version, the big is way funnier since there are a train in miniature.

How to play it?

After placing the wagon cards open and lined up on the table, each player chooses a character and takes the deck for him or her. Each deck has 6 cards, with the expansions that come with the game, and each card performs a different action.

Players place their meeples in the train cars and must choose 3 cards, placing them in the order in which they must be played. After that, the first player reveals their first card and takes its action, then the second player reveals their first card and so on until all players have played their 3 cards.

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It is very difficult to predict which cards your opponents have chosen to use, so actions taken by other players can make your cards useless or even disrupt your entire game during that round.

Among the actions of the cards, you can walk from one car to another, go up to the roof of the car or go down into the car, turn in the opposite direction to which you were, shoot the player in front of you in the same car or in the next car(s), with the player who is shot falls to the ground (puts down his meeple) must spend his next action card, whatever it is, to simply get up and return to the game, without performing the effect of the card he or she used.

You can still move to the locomotive quickly using the "Horse" expansion card, or get up by shooting, if you've been shot and lying on the ground, with the "Reflection" expansion card.

To make the game even more exciting, at the end of each round a car is derailed from the train, that is, the card of the last car is discarded and whoever is in it will be eliminated immediately from the game. The car card that was discarded becomes a treasure and belongs to the player closest to the new last car.

In this way, the game continues until only 1 player remains, who will be the winner of the match or, if there are 2 or more players in the train after all the cars are discarded, the one with the most treasure (the discarded train cars) wins the game.


The expansions

This edition of Colt SUPER Express was released with 3 expansions, two of them are the cards "the horse" and "the reflex", already mentioned above, but the best of them is definitely the promotional card "time travel car". that's right, the famous Delorean!

When a player arrives, for any reason, in the delorean, he is taken to the last car of the train and retrieves all his action cards in that round, and he can even play alone when the 3 cards of the other players run out. However, if someone lands on Delorean for the second time in the same round, that person enters a temporal paradox and ends up being immediately eliminated from the game, so watch out!

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Tips and tricks!

A good strategy to win the game for sure is to use and abuse the available expansions, as they all have very useful actions and ideal to give that turn in the game. In addition, at the beginning of each round it is interesting to observe the position of all players on the train and try to predict each player's move so that you can choose the right cards and in the right order to go well.

For fans more aware of the gaming world, this main mechanic of choosing 3 cards in each round is the same as in another recent release, but from the publisher PaperGames: "Walk The Plank". If you've played and enjoyed it, you can be sure you'll fall in love with Colt SUPER Express even more.

Here is a gameplay:

Finally, here we have a game with a lot of chaos, full of fun twists during the game and a great cost-benefit ratio, as it follows the average price of small and fun games.

The quality of the printed material is sensational, the art is beautiful and attractive, and the game already comes with the protective sleeves of the cards inside the box itself.

It's very worthwhile to include in the collection to liven up that gathering of your friends, to relax between a heavier game or just to have fun with the family.