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Dixit - Review, Rulings, Turns and Scores

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Have fun, make choices, give clues, use your strategy and embrace your creativity. This is Dixit!

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What is Dixit?

It's a game that really entertains, stimulates and teaches, Dixit! Think of a points race, this is already quite exciting when it comes to a game, add to that the idea of ​​having cards in your hand, having to choose one and give a hint about it so that some choose it among other cards. You can give tips using a word, a phrase, a song, a poem; use your creativity! After that, your card will compete with other cards for everyone else to vote and try to hit the card! It's too good of an expectation!


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This is Dixit's scenario, whose basic mechanics are simultaneous action, storytelling, voting and deduction. It is a language-independent party game (family game) for 3 to 6 players (up to 12 players in the Dixit: Odyssey version) and more, recommended for children of 8 and older.

The most interesting thing is that you can get points in various ways, where the goal is to score more points than your opponents.

Dixit is a Card Game designed by Jean-Louis Roubira. It has two Editions. We recommend the 2nd Edition, where you can find herelink outside website.


The game's setup is simple. The game box itself, inside, is the board where the points are scored, so each player just has to choose a rabbit token, yes, they are beautiful colored rabbit tokens that will represent each player.

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Each player chooses their rabbit token and places it at position zero on the board. One of the players shuffles the cards and distributes 6 cards to each player. The remaining cards are placed face down in the center of the table, this will be the draw pile. Each player also takes an amount of voting tokens, which varies according to the number of players.

The Turns

Now let's get to the game! The player who distributed the cards is the initial player, the narrator, and he chooses one of his 6 cards, observes, and then the fun, the choice, the strategy, the creative stimulus begins because you must choose only one and give one hint about this card of yours so that it receives votes, that is, be the chosen one, be detected by the other players.

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But what do you mean to give tips? You can say a word, a movie name, an excerpt from a song, an object, a poem, a scene, something in common for everyone, in other words, give free rein to your imagination and come up with a nice tip. It's time to stimulate your creativity! However, Dixit's big secret is to give the perfect tip so that most players, not all, can choose or discover your card (I'll explain this later).

Now comes the most interesting part: through your hint, the other players will also choose one of your 6 cards, so that their card also receives votes and is detected as the card with the hint you narrated. Imagine your opponents trying, among your 6 cards, to find one that matches something you hinted at. Look at the exercise in creativity, strategy and fun this provides!

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Once this is done, everyone places their cards, face down, in a single pile. These cards will be shuffled by the narrator and then placed face up in order, forming a row from left to right. The left card is numbered 1, the next card is numbered 2, and so on. Now comes the time for observation, deduction and voting! It's the climax of the game!


All players, except the narrator, must carefully observe all exposed cards, considering the hint given by the narrator, and secretly choose between one of their voting forms, the form with the number corresponding to the card you believe to be the one from the narrator. After all players have chosen their tokens, they flip them over to show which card they believe is the narrator's. At this point, the narrator reveals which card was really yours. But is that it? Of course not!

Climax and Score points

You see, the narrator had to give a hint so that most of them got their cards right, not all of them, and why? Simple, if the narrator gives a very obvious tip, everyone will vote for his card, and when that happens, he doesn't receive any points and the other players score 2 points each. So, it's not good to be so obvious on the tip! But what if no one votes for the narrator's card? Well, this is also bad, if the narrator gives a difficult tip to interpret, the card may not receive any vote, and so history repeats itself, the narrator receives no points and the other players score 2 points. Dixit is very strategic too!

If at least 1 person, or more, not all, hit the narrator's card, he gets 3 points, as well as the players who hit the card. See how good it is to watch the cards carefully and consider the tip given by the narrator. The highest score is given at this time, 3 points, so it's good to get it right!

But what about the other cards that received votes and were not the narrator's card? Look what a cool surprise Dixit reveals to us now! Additionally, each player, except the narrator, earns 1 extra point for each vote his card received, that is, it is good to choose a card that is closer to the narrator's tip to try to outwit opponents and get them to vote for your card while you try to hit the narrator's card.

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And what happens to cards that don't receive any votes? This is easy! Their respective owners do not receive any points! So see how important it is to choose your card based on the narrator's tip, you can receive multiple points, or none at all! Choose well!

After that, players walk their colored bunny tokens along the score track. At the end of the turn, each player takes a card from the draw pile and has 6 cards in hand again. Now, the player who is seated to the left of the current narrator will be the narrator for the round, and so on, this successively changes the narrator each round. The game is over when you draw the last card, and whoever has the most points wins!



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This is Dixit, a simple yet incredibly fun, addicting and strategic game from beggining to end.